Welcome to Virtual Oasis, our online academic enrichment program that includes video instructions, gamified learning modules, activities that need to be completed online and, for some modules, hands-on activities that can be completed with household items such as water, spaghetti, cups, plates, etc. in the student’s home. We call it an OASIS because it is a teacher approved, parent approved, safe escape for the child. Kids explore and learn important educational concepts that are embedded in games, puzzles, and projects while having loads of fun! Wow Science has partnered with Brain Chase to offer this program.

Are there shared activities? Yes, there are escape rooms, treasure hunts, whodunnits, decoder rings, animated adventures, and lots of virtual trips around the world that students can complete as a group in the gamified portion of the program. Whether they prefer to journey to the peak of Mt. Everest or escape from the Louvre museum, we’ve got just the story that each student would love. Each program contains a series of virtual ‘puzzle rooms,’ each full of clues to the location of a missing artifact. The first participant to guess the treasure’s location wins a prize.

How does the virtual camp work?                                                                                                                              

Daily schedule. Similar to an in-person camp, there is a daily schedule for a virtual camp. Prior to the week of camp, students and their parents will receive an email with their schedule and the list of supplies to use for the hands-on activities for that week.

Supplies. Please note that parents need to help their children source the supplies at home. You will be looking for commonly used school supplies or household items.                            

Orientation. Each week starts with an orientation session that is led by our counselors (teachers). Students and parents will be sent Zoom dial-in information and program log-in credentials information prior to the start of program.    

Daily activities. After the orientation and team activities are completed, students begin to complete other parts of their activities and upload photos of their work so they can be reviewed by their counselor.

End of day. Toward the end of the day, students return to their assigned group via zoom to wrap up the day. The counselor will provide the specific time for the students to return to their groups.

What do the students need to connect? Each student needs a computer or a laptop/tablet to connect. Be sure the device is capable of connecting to Zoom and that it has or is connected to speakers. Students may use their phone or borrow their parent’s phone at the end of the day to take pictures of their work and upload them as instructed.

Will parents receive a list of supplies ahead of the program? For all projects requiring hands-on activity at home, parents will receive a list of the supplies needed at least two weeks prior to the start of camp. These projects have been designed in a way that the supplies needed can be easily found in the home.

What are the dates of the virtual camp? The virtual camp will operate from 06/29/2020 to 08/07/2020 (6 weeks), Monday through Friday.

What are the hours of the camp? The virtual camp will run from 9 AM to 3 PM, Monday through Friday. Guides (Teachers) will be available to assist students during these hours.

What would I learn? Virtual Oasisis designedto reinforce concepts students have learned in the classroom and introduce them to age-appropriate concepts they might not have learned. In the true spirit our hands-on approach, students learn by doing. The program covers topics in science, technology, coding, math, reading, writing, photography, culinary arts, gardening, music, and so much more!

Who is eligible to enroll? This program is ideal for students in 4th through 8th grade.  

How do I sign up? Click here or on the Register Now button to sign up. You may sign up for one or more weeks.